Arete Instructors

All of our instructors are certified (or soon to be!) by the Pole Fitness Association (PFA). This means they are trained in the proper and safe way to execute movement on and off the pole and to give you the best pole experience possible!

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Jenni Waters, Owner/Instructor

Poling seriously since 2010, Jenni became a certified instructor in early 2012. She also has degrees from National College in Accounting and Business Management.
Shealynn Salzbach, Instructor

Poling since Aug 2012, Shealynn also manages the website and artistic projects at the studio. She has a degree in Illustration and Photography from Mary Baldwin College. 
Shannon Beltz, Instructor
​Audrey Brunell, Specialty Instructor
Marilyn Moody, Specialty Instructor
Bombshell Becky, Apprentice
Stephanie Scalf, Apprentice
Taler Conrad, Apprentice
Michelle Derrico, Apprentice