Arete Instructors

All of our instructors have completed a full year of Arete's apprenticeship program, training in the proper and safe way to execute movement on and off the pole and to give you the best pole experience possible!

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Jenni Waters, Owner/Instructor

Jenni Waters has been pole dancing for 8 years and teaching pole for 6 years. As the owner of Arete Pole Fitness in Salem, VA, she has helped more than 100 students achieve their fitness and artistic goals through dance. She has been competing nationwide for over 6 years, and is now also a proud PSO unicorn helping to coach new pole dance competitors. 

Shannon Beltz, Instructor

Stephanie Scalf, Instructor

Stephanie started at Arete in June 2014. She has gone on to compete a few times since then. She is a full time dental assistant and recently got married! Mother to two fur babies, she enjoys hiking, breweries, and travelling. 

Michelle Derrico, Apprentice

Michelle has been poling since 2014. She has a BSA in microbiology and animal science and JD, both from the University of Georgia. A former marathon runner, she likes fluffy animals and well-behaved children.

Amanda Woods, Specialty Instructor
Shealynn Salzbach, Instructor

Poling since Aug 2012, Shealynn also manages the website and artistic projects at the studio. She is a professional photographer, artist, and gamer, and has a degree in Illustration and Photography from Mary Baldwin College.

Audrey Brunell, Specialty Instructor

Audrey is a poler, weight lifter, and outpatient therapist passionate about bridging the gap between physical and mental health. She has a BA in Psychology, MA in Social Work and a strong obsession with food, animals, electronic music and travel.

Taler Conrad, Specialty Instructor

Poling since Dec 2015, Taler is working on her Bachelor's from Liberty University in Information Technology - Data Networking and Security with a minor in Strategic Intelligence. She has a background in competitive jazz and hip hop. Recently married, Taler is a proud mother to her 1 year old daughter and 9 year old stepson. She is an artist, video game enthusiast, and computer nerd who loves any and all things outdoors.

"Bombshell" Becky Frederickson, Apprentice